So I Needed Something New

This, I can assure you, has been a long time coming.

A bit of housekeeping first (I do like that word for some reason).

I travelled to Thailand for the first time back in 2014… and it was there that I had an interesting experience.

Ups and downs were had so naturally it is in the traveler’s nature to share said experiences with the people back home.

So, following my return to Melbourne and with a few extra weeks thrown in, I sat down to lunch with a friend in a foodcourt and let everything out (stories I mean – the… KFC stayed down).

It was a nice hour and something worth of conversation, but I was left feeling certain of a few things at the end.

A, my jaw was hurting like hell and B, I knew I couldn’t stop talking about my adventures.

Enter the unregrettable decision to start travel blogging – I haven’t encountered anyone who can say otherwise.

I made the move to Blogspot and it was there that I shared my stories about backpacking around Australia and abroad – I’ve done this up until now, 2017, but there comes a point where nice things like a menu bar become highly desired.

So that’s why I’m here, on WordPress, and ready to make a change with these words and pictures (that you can tell that I’ve taken with a Samsung) I love to share.

Add to that, a few of my older stories will be tagging along from the first incarnation to join in with the new – I’m sure they’ll get along.

We’ll see how I go but because I believe that a cup can only be ‘half-full’ I’ll choose to be optimistic and say that I’ll be here for the long run.

Happy and safe travels, and here’s to the words to come.