The Learnding Year

All I have to say is, I’m a terrible person.

This year has been all about the tourism… the ‘learnding’ (that is deliberate, there were several annoying hashtags back in February according to my sister) of tourism which I’m happy to say I completed at the start of this December.

Was it hard, yes and for a lot of it (they had me doing MATHS!), but oh so rewarding… but unfortunately I didn’t get to blog as much as I liked. I’ll just go do a walk of shame through  the capital eh? All septa volunteers must bring their own bell.

However there was one HUGE little drawback… I didn’t get to take off and play nomad as much as I liked.

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Time was against me and I just wasn’t earning enough to make anything significant happen in 2017. There were many sad faces kiddies!

But there were some advantages to my course.

We go to do a famil trip (for those of you who don’t know, famil is short for familiarisation trip which is one of the perks your trusted travel agent is entitled too) to the Gold Coast for three days (see above pictures for proof and there will be a more in depth post to come), and we’re getting five days on a cruise ship to Eden in New South Wales (I’ll let you know what I think at the end) but in all honesty I’d rather be using the passport.

Hence the ‘reeward’ stint in Bali and Singapore I’ll be backpacking off to come January!

But there have been many benefits to the learnding year, which are not limited to a Youtube cameo and good views at Greenday and Chainsmokers concerts.

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I got to play mystery shopper for Bunyip Tours as part of my Industry Placement (I got two free day trips to the Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsular which came with free wine! – yes, my mother was envious) and I got to learn so much about the world which has affect the length of my bucket list.

Additionally, I got to communicate with bloggers, one of them in person, on the topic of writing and so I could give a little presentation about this thing that I do to my class – they were entertained and informed!

You might think a massive nerd is talking but wait for it, THIS SHEEP IS A MASSIVE NERD! My Pop Vinyl collection will confirm this, as well as my Pokemon, my nephew’s visiting Cat Boy and Summertime Beanie Bear (he was a gift from a girl I used to teach).

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So here’s to the year to come – I’m going to navigate these featured images better and blog more seriously, PROMISE… and fo realz this time, whilst I’m hopefully working out in the industry (I am aiming to find some live-in regional work around Australia to set myself up) and seeing what I love, the world! It’s pretty good I hear.

Come and join me, it’ll be besh and I might just tell you about the nicest toilet I’ve ever used. I’m not kidding.

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